09 March 2011

Fashion: Be Bikini Wise! Bikini Solutions for Summer Bikini Problems

This blog is full of summer and the only thing missing is an actual sun tan spot on my skin! I am sure we're all excited to hit the sand and inhale the ocean scenery. Though many of us dread the thought of wearing a swimsuit.

It could be that you are conservative or have forgotten to slim down, hence the tummy rolls and arm shingles. Skin problems also take the limelight every summer, like stretch marks, back acne, etc.

Before you get frustrated, inhale and know that there are several swimwear solutions to every problem I mentioned above!

Bikini solution #1 : Rashguard

Sassa, Php 599.75 available in S-XL sizes

Wear this if you are conservative or want to hide imperfections. Most common are body acne, rashes, and even dark armpits. Embarrassing but these are real life scenarios which must be addressed! A rash guard will make you carefree and comfy to enjoy summer without any concern.

Perfect for moms swimming with their children too, avoid bikini malfunctions and peek-a-boos with this piece.

Bikini Solution #2: One Piece Swimsuit

Sassa, P649.75 available in S-L sizes

The scenario: tummy stretchmarks and note that not only mothers get them! This design also gives you a sexier and slimmer silhouette.

Bikini Solution #3: Bright Colors

Sassa, Php 599.75 available in S-XL sizes

If you find yourself every summer wearing dark colors in an attempt to look small, you MUST try brights this year. Not only will you pop on the beach but for sure, your summer photos will be worthy to be posted on your FB wall.

Bright swimwear with the right patterns will help you look more radiant and distract attention from areas of concern (read: giant thighs). It also looks a lot more fun which gives you the license to bask on the beach carefree!

Bikini Solution #4 - Mix and Match
Penshoppe, P499 each

In terms of size, rarely do our torso/bust match the size of our bums. Like me, my top would usually be M or L, but my bum would always score an XL. Thanks to Penshoppe, you can mix and match bikinis of any color and any size, saving you from splurging on a bikin that won't fit you right.

Thank me later! :)