07 March 2011

Fashion: For Work and Play

In the new world I've created, most tasks are done online or via phone. Hence I seldom have to dress up unless I have to be physically present like last week. I can't hide how excited I am to let myself out of my home office (still work-related though), I even bought a new red dress - for luck.

What do you think? Salamat doc for giving me back my pre-pregnancy armpits, I've rediscovered no sleeves. Dress from Folded & Hung.

I visited Penshoppe in Megamall too, they've lots of new items for summer like this hat.

And these classic flats. I got a pink pair for just Php 500 +. They remind me of my Steve Madden shoes, only Penshoppe's are a lot more affordable! I got too excited though and after an hour walking, I realized the size I got were smaller than my feet.

Now if only the human body does not require sleep, I'd be the happiest person on earth! More time please :)