16 March 2011

Fashion: Ensembles Sultry Summer interview with Carmina Villaroel | Muñiz Shoe Designer

Here is the latest one on one interview with Ensembles celebrity endorser and ultra fashionista, Carmina Villaroel. I didn't know she was a shoe designer until that local TV commercial revealed. Carmina has and successfully, blossomed into a fashion icon that can give any model a run for their money.
Carmina models for her own shoe line

Personally, I love her sophisticated, high-fashion, and age-appropriate style. Admittedly, I was never a fan of Ensembles only until Carmina became their endorser.

What was the experience like for your photoshoot for Ensembles Summer 2011 Campaign? Are you enjoying your new tanned look? As always, I had fun during the shoot. I always look forward to our photo shoots. I love working with my dream team- Mark Nicdao, Robbie P. and Pam Quinones. I love what Pam did to me for the summer look. Fab tan!
Ensembles Sultry Summer Collection

Since you have very fair skin, has it been hard to maintain your skin and keep it healthy-looking during summer? Oh yes, I always take good care of my skin and try to have that sun-kissed look but with my skin tone, it can be difficult to maintain a tan. Back in high school, I attempted to get a tan when I went to Boracay but I failed. I just looked like a lobster. My skin turned red and got sun burned.

What are your thoughts on Ensembles Sultry Summer 2011 collection? I’m a big fan of vibrant, bold colors! I love the entire collection. My super fave is the one-shouldered coral dress I wore during our shoot.

What are your personal styles and favorite outfits during summer season? During summer I love wearing shorts, comfy shirts, tank top, sun dress, flowing skirts, sandals and flip flops.

What are your summer plans for this year? Hopefully, to go on vacation with my whole family either here to Cebu or Bohol or travel overseas.

We keep getting good feedbacks on the Muñiz Shoes! How is it working with Ensembles for your Muñiz shoe line? And what was the experience like for you to personally visit each store to arrange the shoe display? I was so thrilled when Ensembles agreed to put my shoes at their store. I was so excited to fix and arrange my shoes. It’s a dream come true for me to see my shoes finally at the mall. I'm thankful to those who bought my shoes already. My Ensembles family was so supportive of my business-Muñiz shoes. I appreciate all the help they have provided.

Do you plan to make your shoes available to more Ensembles stores? Yes. I will definitely make Muñiz shoes available to other Ensembles stores. Due to a lot of requests, we will also showcase them at Robinson’s Ermita and SM Megamall.