01 March 2011

Fashion: Fearless Forecast on What Dresses to Buy Right Now

Our metro lifestyle keeps us moving from one place to the next without time to spare for an outfit change. A simple shirt and a pair of trusty jeans is great for the weekend, but I've seen women in distress simply because they weren't' dressed' to the occasion, and usually what is required is a literally a 'dress'. It could be for an impromptu meeting with the bosses, clients, or a cocktail event you forgot about.
Bottega Veneta from resort wear 2011

My personal solution to this is find a middle ground type of dress that can pass as both casual and formal piece of clothing. I seldom encounter bookings that need a strict formal attire, rather, most occasions nowadays appreciate semi-formal or cocktail wear.

Right this moment I am observing sleeveless knee-length dresses with subtle folded overlays, tulle trim, or ruffles. Compared to the previous year's ruffles and oversized big bang, the keyword this 2011 is 'subtlety' (in my opinion). 2010 was inspired very well by big details, Lady Gaga fashion that it is no longer exceptional.
Calvin Klein from spring 2011

I am starting to think that beige is the silent colour of the year, a far contrast from the previous black mega trend. Though my advice is to add color to your closet this year, check out the above photo of the Calvin Klein dress in red. Yummy!

Slender arms are still in and so is thin. So continue reading on a fitness blog to get a dose of fashion and weight loss. They are twins. I must work on my diet and so should you. No excuses or no fashionable dresses ;)

Some stores where you can find dresses like these on the local scene: Penshoppe, Folded and Hung, Plains & Prints, or try both SM and Robinsons Department Stores - surely you will find your IT dress from them all.