13 March 2011

Technology: Tweet, FB, Play, and sometimes Work with Fujitsu MeeGo | Lifebook MH330

Who has heard of MeeGo? Not me because I am not a tech geek. But of course, during the launch of Fujitsu Meego I learnt it was an OS simular to Linux. Meego is open source which meant lower memory consumption unlike Windows 7.

I've experienced Linux based computing through my desperate Asus Eee PC and when I heard that Fujitsu's sleek chic Lifebook MH330 was running on Meego - I am a skeptic. It was love at first sight when I saw the Lifebook's bloody red exterior, all shiny with the Fujitsu logo bling. But my Linux past is coming to surface, all those coding and terminal access. Not to forget, hours of research just to try to install a new device. (Linux programmers, don't kill me - I am just a normal girl without programming know-how.)

Wish you were mine, Fujitsu Lifebook MH330

After all the explanations I just had to try Fujitsu's first MeeGo based netbook. It didn't take more than 10 seconds to boot up and all at once, the Myzone panel offered a quick snapshot of the user’s personal activity and shows instant updates about the happenings in the social media sphere. Popular social network tools, such as twitter and Facebook are readily accessible.

One more babaw (shallow) thing I like about it is it's photobooth and video app that is perfect for blogging and vlogging. You have to take note, the MeeGo netbook is not meant for fulltime computing as in doing actual work with it. To put it simply, it is a secondary computing device if you've got a laptop or a desktop first hand. MeeGo is in between your work computer and your mobile device :)

"The LifeBook MH330 Mini-Notebook is specially created to meet those users who are constantly on the move. By making this exceptionally slim and light, this Mini-Notebook makes it very easy to have a constant travelling companion. At its current size, thinness and weight, you won’t even know that it’s in your bag" - Mr. Edmund Lim, Product Manager, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific

Asked about the retail price, Fujitsu is hoping for an SRP of not greater than Php 20,000 once it is released here in Manila.

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Dear Santa, I want a red netbook! *wink*