19 September 2010

Phiten! - The latest accessory from Japan Japan

Leather Rakuwa Phiten Titanium Bracelets

Why do I like anything from Japan? They are like the cool factory churning out all the cool stuff in the world. Including Phiten which lots of celebs and sports people wear.

Now bloggers wear them too. Say, Phiten! I am wearing the pink and grey leather rakuwa bracelet. I bought it at the Phiten store for Php 995, original price was Php 2,800!

Ronnie was the first person I saw wearing it, I was so envious with his black leather Phiten. He promises he'll let me know if black is in stock. If I were you, get your leather Phitens na, they are now endangered species because they are no longer being produced. Yikes!

Jayvee wearing the Phiten 3 line Rakuwa Bracelet.

Az wearing the same bracelet. They are nice on men, makes them look sporty. But I still like the leather type. There's also the leash x100 model worth Php 15,000. I heard Hans Sy (SM tycoon) wears it.

What's the fuss about Phiten products? It is made of Titanium Oxide which balances the electrodes in the body making you feel more relaxed, balanced, and it lessens chronic pain. My right hand is always in pain because of blogging and breastfeeding. So, the leather phiten bracelet was just perfect for me.

Shen, Jayvee, and Jonel at the Phiten room.

You can try Phiten for yourself at the Phiten building located at Kalayaan Ave. corner Neptune street in Makati. Here's some chismax, Yuko Yamashita works in Phiten!