04 September 2010

Event: Ice Watch Launch and Auction

I suck at bidding. That's what I learned during the Ice Watch launch at C3 events place. Actually, it's his fault:

Staring at me like that! I am a married woman with a 3 month old baby, can I just have your watch please?

But really, I wanted to die and take home one of these Lego look-a-like Ice Watch boxes. Maybe it's fun to collect all colors and build towers of Ice Watches.

How to wear your Ice Watch with attitude

The collection is colorful and is based on the different seasons, winter, spring, summer, and fall. I like the Winter Sili watches just because there's no winter here in Manila.

These watches are from Belgium and is sold to more than 50 countries, now including the Philippines.

There were Ice Watches being sold during the launch and I noticed how the straps of Ice Watches are made of special type of plastic. These watches are water proof as well. Prices start at Php 3,900

I think it is a good brand to start a watch collection with. Me, I want to start with this:

Ice Watch Stone worth Php 15,000

Saying hello to my husband if you are reading this :) You can buy your choice of Ice Watch in Rustan's Department Stores, Urban Time, and Trinoma among other shops.