22 September 2010

Beauty: Goodbye to my Long Hair

I've been itching to cut my hair, just for the heck of it because I need change. I have this belief that whenever I cut my hair, I get good luck. Sometimes, I also like cutting it whenever I am frustrated. weirdo.

Headed to the nearest Tony & Jackey in the neighborhood, it was my first time to go there and I prayed hard for my hair not to look like an isosceles triangle. I was aiming for a fierce sharp haircut like Anna Wintour's.

Because I want to look like this in the front row. Wish ko lang. But I don't think I have hair like that, in equivalent fractions. Plus, my husband would kill me if I get hair as short as Anna's.

Instead of looking fierce, I looked like a sweet little girl x.x I wish I can have line plot fringes like but the stylist said the cut would look better without the full bangs.

Wearing the Tiffany scarf my sister Joni sent me from OZ. At least, now I can use all the headbands I've brought because most of them suit short hair.

Here's my black i dont know what to call it headband, same as my niece Anya's pink one. Honestly, I prefer fierce rather than cute. Will bring out my giant sunnies tom. and work this hairdo.