22 September 2010

Fashion: Louis Claparols x Ensembles

No need to go to Maarni's room now when Louis Claparols has collaborated with Ensembles. Collaborations make me happy, one, because it makes designers more accessible to a normal human being like me. Second, collaborations in RTW are much more affordable!

Yet, I'd love to look snobbishly fashionable in these (and channel Victoria in Magkaribal!)

Right now, I am loving jackets and/or overcoats. The more oversized the better! This would look nice with the usual short dress. If you don't know yet, boleros are one of Louis Claparols' strengths and a handful of celebs have walked the red carpet wearing them.

Take a cue from Mama Carmina on how to wear RTW like haute.

The Louis Claparols holiday collection is obviously retro inspired, retro-sexy I must say. Perfect for the joyful Christmas season but not so much as you would look like a Christmas ball.

The patterns remind me of Austin Powers' girls and Barbie dolls wearing bright intricately designed clothes. Speaking of barbs, look at how Louis Claparols made these Barbies work their sequins.

Now you can work Louis Claparols straight from the racks of Ensembles, visit their website for more information -