02 September 2010

Beauty: Vaseline Healthy White

I absolutely find it interesting how the Japanese use transparent umbrellas like this:

Some find it weird but I find it cool. Just imagine how you can actually be seen by people while protecting yourself from the rain.

photo credit to Flaircandy

Now in the Philippine Islands, these girls rocked the same type of umbrellas. They are wearing Vaseline Healthy White lotion, which gives them a lot of protection from the sun.

I got one for myself and it smells great just like my other Vaseline body lotions. We only have one sun but Vaseline Healthy White lotion has triple sun protection!

I am also obsessed with grabbing every bit of opportunity to whiten my legs and the container says it also has triple lightening with Vitamin B3. I am now giving it a go and will check back again after I finish the entire thing.

Quote of the day: " Now my skin is always as radiant as my picture!"