24 September 2010

Beauty: Montagne Jeunesse Masks

These masks kept on nudging my curiousity every time I pass them by at Watsons. First, who would miss their fancy packaging with funny photos of models wearing masks. I find them funny :)

Today I tried the Ceramides Montagne Jeunesse Mask for sensitive skin, which is actually a 2-in-1 product! Step 1 is at the bottom which contains the masque. Step 2 is the top part that contains the ceramides serum.

Cut it in half with a pair of scissors to prevent the product from spilling. Remember to use the bottom part first. It's the Zen Flower Sensitive Masque.

The mask was relaxing indeed, it had a minty feel and you can apply a generous amount, as much as you like. Keep it on for 10 minutes or so. The packaging says remove with water, but I would suggest you damp a face towel to wipe the mask off, then rinse with water.

Now onto the ceramides serum, it was very light and I had a good time massaging it lightly onto my skin. The serum was absorbed fast and gave my face a matte finish.

The product gave me a powdery glow and I feel like it also lifted off some dead skin cells. It's perfect for the pockets of time you get from work or traveling. Think of it as a spa in a sachet. There are other variants like the Chocolate Masque I also want to try because it's just so fun and easy unlike factoring polynomials. Do this before an important date, when you feel super stressed out, or just want to be refreshed.

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