06 September 2010

Beauty: Ageless like Ate V

Let's play a game called trip to memory lane. Looks familiar?

I wish I could find the ad where she had a towel wrapped around her hair. " I cherish the way Eskinol cherishes my skin". But here's another classic:

Just think how Eskinol was already the most popular cleanser back then (when we were still kids) and were probably used by our moms. I know you played with the crystals at the bottom of each Eskinol too! One of the curious toys I had when I was small. Oh memories...

No crystals here, it's the Eskinol Ageless Toner

Anyway, it's amazing how most of us connect Eskinol with our moms. So, here's the best gift to our moms, to remind them they deserve to be beautiful at any age just like Ate V.

For the night to repair and renew the skin. Contains Amino Acids and Moisturizing Complex that work deep into the dermis

The new Eskinol Ageless skincare regimen that targets age spots and wrinkles. Visible effects in one week according to the packaging.

Day cream contains Vitamin B3 to minimize age spots, and SPF 18 and PA+ for dual UV defense and protection

In four weeks, wrinkles are diminished! What would Ate V say? :)