30 September 2010

Style Scene: Ashton's Baptism Party @ Lancaster Hotel Manila

What a wonderful day September 28 was! The solemn baptism of my son, Ashton at EDSA Shrine was celebrated thereafter at Lancaster Hotel Manila. Both places were almost just across each other and doing the ceremony and celebrations in these spots was a great idea.

Our celebration was held at The Peak, 41st floor of Lancaster. View from the top:


Just imagine the 360 view with the evening skies.
Banquet by Josiah's Catering

And of course, the wonderful guests

My friend Joy and her cutest family!

Alma, Brad, and Sam of Geiser Maclang Inc.

Lovebirds and godparent of Ashton, Jeff and Melody

Bloggers Abet, Jori, and Jane

Our host and fashion blogger, Sai

Internet Celebrity Mike Abundo
And of course, me and the newly binyag Ashton!

Thank you to Josiah's Catering who turned this:


To this, a banquet fit for a cute baby prince:

Satin blue and white linens, floating candles, floral centerpiece, and the works. Now you know who to call - Josiah's Catering and Lancaster Hotel Suites

Everyone had a great time, especially the manila bloggers!