11 September 2010

Fashion: Turban Day

Yesterday I had the idea of constructing a new look and I've been dying to try wearing a turban. Do you remember how Lola Audrey H. wore it?

Audrey Hepburn's Turban

Who doesn't want to look like her, because I do - especially when I sing Moon River to my son. I think a turban would make me internalize the song better x.x

My Turban

So I took a black and white bandana, I had it since high school. You know how bandanas were such a hit during intramurals at St. Paul Pasig! From my baul, I pulled it out, folded it and instead of tying it on the back of my head, I tied it on the top. I hid the ends or else I would look like Louis Vuitton bunnies.

Maybe next time.

Wore it to a date with my number one fan, whom I hailed a cab with near the auto repair shop. Check engine light!

And shopping with fellow stylista, Alex at Robinson's BF.

This post is brought to you by Toyota Camry