09 September 2009

Jewelry Obsession: Bib Necklaces and Cocktail Rings

Do you get restless when you see something and you just have to have it? I do! And these pieces are the culprit:

Last week, my penchant for costume jewelry was awakened when I saw someone wearing this set. It was made by hand but it's only a hobby so they are not selling (yet).

Forever 21 Bib Necklace

I looked up everything online and found these pieces from Forever 21. I don't think they offer shipping to the Philippines and most likely, one has to pre-order from Multiply sellers. But obsession is not called obsession for nothing so I am scheduling a trip to the flea markets to find alternative pieces that would have the same or even better effect on an outfit.

Forever 21 Cocktail Rings

There are Forever 21 shops in Manila but I am not sure if they are the same as the international brand or if, they carry these accessories. Do you have any ideas or know someone who are selling these eye-popping jewelry? Let us know and the heavens will bless you! :)