04 September 2009

DIY: Tattered Jeans

When Margiela's tattered jeans hit the runway, it signaled an edgy trend for those who want to sport a rock and roll style. I do! And now the look for less:

Make your own tattered jeans with an old pair of black skinny jeans. It is better to wear them while cutting but be very careful, here are some tips:

1. Don't cut the front of the jeans from side to side. Make shorter horizontal lines that is more flattering and would make your legs even more skinny.

2. Never cut parallel lines on both the left and right leg. Interchange the cuts and vary them in size and length.

3. Make huge rectangular cuts above or below the knees, don't make round shapes because they can look funny.

4. Make the cuts up to the end of the pants but never cut the hem unless you want your pants to shred off.

5. These pants look even more edgier after two washes and they look better as it becomes even more tattered.

The inspiration

Wear your edgy tattered pants with pointy heels to make your legs even more infinite and to accentuate the pants even more. Enjoy your DIY pants!