29 September 2009

Bling it on: More Cocktail and Antique Rings

Blame it on Rachel Zoe, ever since I started watching her show - I've been itching to get eye-catching cocktail rings. She's right when she said that every woman needs at least one big cocktail ring and that we can look at flea markets or antique shops to acquire one.

Guess where I got this ring :)

Around two weeks ago, I mentioned how cocktail rings similar to Rachel's and The Hills stars are available from Forever 21. You'd have to ship them from the US though and order them online which is a bit of a hassle.

This one is so similar to Aldo's but a lot cheaper

Yesterday, I dedicated part of my day to a cocktail ring pilgrimage and here's a list of where to get them, finally! Thank me later for window shopping 3 hours straight ;)

1. Mango - new designs are just starting to show up. They cost around Php 1,200++ although the rings went on sale before and were just sold for around Php 300!

2. Aldo - same price as Mango, really eye-popping antique looking cocktail rings. However, some ring designs are too wide rather than having an oval shape.

3. SM Department Store - you'll be surprised how you'll find antique rings (the salesladies know them better as antique rings not cocktail rings) that are super almost the same as those in Mango and Aldo. Price? Php 200 - Php 900. Better get the Onyx semi-precious cocktail rings that are sold in the jewelry section for around Php 900.

4. People are People - you can spot one or two cocktail rings here for around Php 350

5. Flea Markets like those in Ali Mall - no stones but cocktail rings sell for around Php 150

6. Kultura - Php 145 made of beads, stones, capiz, and some are wooden for a native twist.

It's challenging to purchase the one ring to rule them all. One, some rings have the design you want but not in your size. Some designs, you'd want to be set vertically rather than horizontally. Hence, just close your eyes and if it feels right then make it yours :)