08 September 2009

Out of Town Trip to the Republic of Cavite

In one of the nearest provinces to Manila, a complete getaway awaits you and your family at Republic of Cavite. Republic of Cavite is a spacious garden cum restaurant, with at least 4 different dining areas. One would think that a place like this can only be found in the mountains of Tagaytay, thus Republic of Cavite's "little tagaytay" area that boasts of spacious nipa huts and natural greens.

Dine inside these breezy nipa huts for a change of view

Republic of Cavite is a good destination for a holiday roadtrip, when you want to break-away from city life but do not want to head to Tagaytay for the nth time. Located at the historical Trece Martires, expect to see rice fields, fresh vegetables on the street side, and more eateries with a native twist.

Shrine of the 13 Martyrs

Actually, Republic of Cavite would give you enough photo opportunities in their own space. On the street corner you can find the shrine of the Thirteen Martyrs and inside the restaurant's garden are gazebos, fountains, nipa huts, and bridges that you would love to take your photos with. Make believe with all these facilities that are popular for newly weds as reception areas or pre-nuptial photoshoots.

Style and Relax Food TV: Republic of Cavite

When you are tired of all the kodakan, it's time to chomp and try Cavite's best dishes like the Chicken Adobong Kabitenyo, Chicken Magnifique, Kinulot na Page and original desserts like Ang Lihim ni Lola and Onde Onde.

Match these native delicacies with a cup of Cafe Amadeo

By now you would be curious about Lihim ni Lola - made of glutinous rice with a hint of ube, inside you will bite into soft macapuno and salted duck egg. Believe me when I say that this is an award winning original native dessert that everyone should experience. The Onde-Onde tastes like puto bungbong and instead of the need to dip it to niog and muscovado sugar, it is already rolled into dessicated coconut and a muscovado sugar is inside this glutinous ball. I did not know of the muscovado surprise until I tried to cut the ball in half and it squirted sweet melted muscovado on my sleeve. Dangerously yummy!

Three floors and a garden full of authentic kabitenyo experience awaits

Republic of Cavite makes a road trip to Trece Martires worthwhile. They are open from Monday to Friday, don't forget to bring your camera to document your unique native dining experience.