26 September 2009

Maldita and Bitchy Wednesdays

With a well-lit store front and updated window display, Maldita (shop's name) calls its fierce patrons: women who know what they want and know how to get it. There's a poster displayed, on it was written - Bitchy Wednesdays. Now we're talking!

I've never actually enjoyed shopping with loads of other ladies scouring the sale bin. Yet, when I visited Maldita at SM Mall of Asia, I thought I have found my people. Heels clicking everywhere and tiger-sharp eyes targeting clothes on the rack. Companions of Maldita shoppers just sat inside the shop, silently waiting while the malditas raid the store. Serious shopping it is.


Checking the tags, I noticed how Maldita's clothes are made in the Philippines and suddenly, I felt proud. There are only a few boutiques that sell original design, most I know simply import from neighboring Asian countries like Hongkong or Thailand. Maldita's inventory can be compared to that of European brands. Items are quality in terms of both material and design, sizes are real women sizes that malditas of any shape and size is sure to walk out with a purchase.

Super chic!

One off-shoulders, puffy sleeves, preppy blazers, huge collared blouses, and sequined party clothes. It is hard to leave with just an item when shopping at Maldita. Most items go for Php 1,200 + which is a total bargain if you want to have a statement piece of clothing. This is the place to go if suddenly you need to go to an interview, cocktail party, or make a grand exit from a relationship (yes, it's that important!).

Sale until the end of September

Maldita also have accessories that should go well with their one piece dresses. Layered necklaces, loud bangles and cocktail rings - they have it. If you must buy shoes, they also have a few pairs to choose from and the shoe designs are quite updated as well.

I haven't enjoyed a store this much for a long time, it was hard to leave all the pretty clothes that were on sale! Maldita at SM Mall of Asia is now offering 50% off until the end of September. Also look out for Bitchy Wednesdays when they give free 500 gift coupon if you shop for Php 1,000 worth of items. See you there Maldita!