20 September 2009

Krispy Kreme UAAP Final Four Doughnuts

UAAP has never tasted this good!

Here's another treat from Krispy Kreme in celebration of the UAAP. University doughnuts! Quiet sad that DLSU is not part of this year's yummy final four doughnuts but a bite of any of these is sure to get you smile :)

bring home a colorful dozen to share!

Krispy Kreme's Final Four doughnuts is coated with chocolate and sprinkled with colorful bits to represent each school. The doughnut itself is heavy much like their cake variants which is really satisfying. It's great to share when watching games on a Sunday just like the Marquez vs. Mayweather fight this afternoon.

Have a bite and visit your favorite KK Branch now and make your Sunday a more special one! :)