28 September 2009

Style and Relax meets Ovi

When I learned how Bryanboy is the new endorser for Ovi, I knew it was something worth getting myself into! Running a fashion blog is like running in a marathon where you have to be ahead of the pack in getting your news read, photos seen, and videos watched.
One of the fun things about running a fashion blog is how I am able to meet and interview celebrities about their outfits and beauty secrets just by using my N95. Whenever I am done with the interview, I feel like a huge load has been taken off my back and the adrenaline rush is just mind blowing. Yet, I have to worry about editing, resizing the video, and most of all – uploading the video! The latter is the part I hate most because it is super time consuming and I always have to re-upload until eventually, it is accepted by video sites like YouTube and becomes available to my readers.

Erich Gonzales shares her beauty secret with Style and Relax

With Ovi, I can now directly upload my video interviews from my Nokia N95 wherever I am. Imagine I don’t have to rush home just to upload videos when Ovi automatically resizes and compresses videos for faster hassle-free uploading. Now my videos are available hot and fresh at my Ovi Share webpage. Above is my latest interview with Erich Gonzales that I uploaded on Ovi.

Share photos as they happen via Ovi

And what is blogging without the fun that comes with the hectic schedule filled with product launches, parties, and fashion shows right? With Ovi, I will never ever miss the fun with its calendar feature that will make you feel like you have your own assistant, reminding you about your next destinations and appointments on the jet. Here’s my September calendar on Ovi that I can easily update and access on my computer and mobile phone.

Ovi calendar can be accessed via mobile and Internet

I can only wish I had Ovi during my previous travels! Ovi would have guided me and my sister through its Map feature while we were searching for hidden boutiques and fashion incubators. But, there’s always a next time and I am definitely going to walk the streets of L.A. and New York with Ovi in mind.

Hopefully, Ovi can make reach more readers and fashion destinations around the world with simple clicks and snaps from my Nokia phone. Visit today and create your own Ovi account!