19 September 2009

Modu and The City : First Look and Review of the Modu Phone

Whitney Port of The City is in my Modu!

The Modu phone was just launched by Globe and now it's time to unwrap and unbox it!

Modu Terminal - can be fitted to any jacket depending on your trip

The Modu phone box comes with the charger, usb cable, and headphones. The USB Cable can be used to charge your Modu while you are using your laptop or computer and to transfer files such as music, photos, and videos to the Modu. The Modu phone is easily detected as a USB device, much like a USB stick.

Modu Folders - drag and drop your media files here

One of the best first things to do with a Modu is to connect it to your computer and load it with your media files. Just so you have more interesting stuff to show when people get curious about your tiny phone. The Modu comes with a PC suite but I find it unnecessary to install, especially when it requires a Microsoft .Net Framework. Again, simply have your Modu detected as a USB device and just drag media items onto the folders.

Modu phone in mini silver jacket loaded with music, photos, and videos

You can transfer media files with or without a Modu Jacket. When you buy your Modu Phone exclusively from Globe, you automatically get a free Modu Jacket. Without a jacket, your modu terminal can only make calls.

I had a little trouble figuring out how to insert my Globe Tattoo SIM. Use your fingernails or any pointed objects to lift and pull the rubber flap. Aside from that, everything went well.

Modu Teaser Advertisement: Must See!

Watch the video above to understand how your Modu phone can transform into more high technology gadgets that will change your lifestyle. With more jackets you can optimize the Modu phone like how it was destined to be by its creators. Grab your Modu phone now for only Php 7,999 with a free Tattoo Prepaid Kit exclusively from Globe :)

Modu and Jackets: