11 September 2009

Style Scene: The Mac OS X Snow Leopard lands in Manila

At the Makati Shangrila Hotel, techies were eager to see firsthand the new amazing features of the new Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

They even sent someone from the Apple labs to explain how this operating system could free up to 7GB on your Mac and show the cool new tricks of expose.

Rachel Zoe is a Mac, image from

No wonder most of the stylish set use a Mac (I want one too!). What's even amazing is how the new OS X Snow Leopard makes it easier to sinc with the Apple iPhone, iTouch, or whatever Apple gadget you have.

The new Quicktime player makes it easier to edit, play, share, and transfer videos, read: video blogging, tv series, and Gossip Girl.

If you are a Mac user, then it's time to upgrade to the OS X Snow Leopard for only Php 1,690.