10 September 2009

Samsung 2View: Be your own Paparazzi

wet tights on wet stone pavements of Intramuros

Any jet setting femme would dread traveling without a camera, no photos of stylish outfits worn in amazing destinations! We even secretly wish that we can travel with a professional photographer who specializes in paparazzi shots, yes?

Not one but two LCDs!

Ladies, meet your new adventure buddy - The Samsung 2 View that boasts of a cool feature called the "beauty shot". Automatically, the beauty shot feature gives your face a natural glow and evens out your skin tone like a miracle beauty product would.

Using the "beauty shot" feature of Samsung 2 View - better than Photoshop!

The 2 in Samsung 2 View means two LCD screens, one at the back and one in front of the camera which lets you shoot photos of yourself conveniently - just like using your camera phone. Because you can see what your photo would look like, you can easily adjust your position or angle to get that perfect shot by yourself. No more asking strangers to take your photos, especially when you like travelling alone.

Panoramic shot using Samsung 2 View

After testing the Samsung 2 View in the walled city of Intramuros, it is safe to say that the camera takes great panoramic shots and self portraits. The colors are well-balanced and vivid like how an SLR photo would look like.

Believe it or not, this is my first time touring Intramuros and I enjoyed shooting pictures like crazy without the hassle of retakes because of blurry outcomes. All the photos published here are taken with a Samsung 2 View.

P.S. The LCD at the back is touch screen like an iPhone, gorgeous!