15 September 2009

Fish & Co. just got more Personal!


Are you tired of sharing food with a group of friends everytime you eat out? When everybody's fork is reaching towards the same plate, and in this case - hooking the same fish. Fish & Co. has heard your prayer!

Eat in peace and enjoy the fish without the guilt through the new Just For Me meals at Fish & Co. Famous for their international quality fish and chips, this diner developed a new menu which is more personal in size, more affordable, but still big in taste.

Bangus ala Pobre Php 265

I've tasted ALL of them but I give my star to Bangus ala Pobre. The dish is topped with a generous amount of garlic sauce that has that Filipino sweet-salty flavor that is simply comforting. It comes with fresh crispy veggies and a cup of white rice. The milkfish aka bangus is fresh and juicy, the skin is intact but does not have the fishy taste and scaly texture.

Pasta lovers will drool on the sight of the Baked Fish Napolitana, which has creamy melted mozarella cheese that clings to the fresh crispy fillet. Hmm yum, yum. The pasta is lightly buttered but we wish that this is also available with rice.

Baked Fish Napolitana Php 265

One more thing worth mentioning is how Fish & Co.'s personal size will not leave you unsatisfied. The Just for Me meals is just another way to enjoy dining with friends at Fish & Co. when everyone is ready for a new gastronomic adventure other than the famous fish and chips.

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