07 September 2009

Oh Ravioli!

Busy body, this pasta maker works non-stop with the many patrons of Ravioli

Delicately handmade, ravioli is one of the most beautiful Italian dishes one can enjoy. Unlike spaghetti or other types of pasta, a serving of ravioli is easier to eat - more stylish at that. Pocketed inside two faces of thin pasta dough could be spinach, mushrooms, or a meaty surprise. As fancy as it sounds, a ravioli could spell an extravagant pricey meal that we can only enjoy on special occasions. Well, not anymore.

Meet the new face of pasta in town - Ravioli serves freshly made pasta everyday to its newly found patrons at Robinson's Galleria. One of their best sellers is the Mushroom and Mozarella Ravioli which we tried for the first time.

Chorizo and Tomato Ravioli

The Mushroom and Mozarella Ravioli's quality is a big surprise. Ravioli serves restaurant quality in the bustling food court, cooking with the finest ingredients of olive oil, roasted garlic, and tomatoes. The ravioli is not drenched in sauce but is amazingly full of taste that explodes in every bite. It is hard to believe that this generous serving of countless ravioli pieces served with a big slice of toasted buttered bread is just Php 130.

Mushroom and Mozarella Ravioli

One of Ravioli's goals is to change the way food courts are seen in Manila. They want it to be something exciting, high quality, and fun like food courts found in Singapore and Hongkong. Ravioli is set to lead this food court revolution with their tasteful and affordable dishes.

Soon to open with their immediate success is the Ravioli Bistro in Mall of Asia that would even up the notch of taste and experience for more patrons to come.