13 September 2009

Tried and Tested: Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer

What I love about Maybelline products is how they are affordable and accessible from any mall near you. It's easy to grab whenever you ran out of their products or you are on a binge shopping spree.

Here's something new to add to your make up kit (hopefully, it's not that full!)

The new Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Concealer compliments the Clear Smooth Minerals line. This is perfect if you have acne scars or upcoming blemishes that you need to cover up. This liquid concealer is easy to apply and glides on the skin smoothly, unlike concealer sticks that can become cakey or too white for your skin - making the imperfection even more obvious. This concealer also works for dark under eye circles!

How to apply:

You can apply the concealer before applying the Clear Smooth Minerals Foundation. The concealer is easily absorbed by the skin and you only have to put small dots. This concealer comes with a "wand" to achieve perfect application.

Now you can dust your foundation on, followed by the Clear Smooth Minerals Blush, and top off with the Clear Smooth face powder. Easy as pie!

If you overlooked some spots, just dot a small amount of the Clear Smooth Minerals Natural Concealer and tap with your finger. It's great how this concealer looks very natural no matter if you applied it before or after your makeup.

The Clear Smooth Concealer costs around Php 350 ++, depending if the counter is on sale when they offer 20% off all products.