19 September 2009

Texas Roadhouse Grill - Yeehah Cowboy!

Texas Roadhouse Grill
is probably the best modern-western saloon in the metro that offers urban cowboys and cowgirls the real flavors of the West. Starting with their thematic interior design, wooden panels and rustic photos/posters that seem to come from a cowboy movie are in place. It is safe to say that the place is oozing macho with yellow dim lights adding a sexy rugged ambiance.

The grill station is probably the best center piece inside Texas Roadhouse Grill. Here you can watch kitchen cowboys grill your steak to your preferred doneness.

Here's what to order on the menu to start your lip smackin' wild wild west experience:

Jessie James Sampler

Start your food trip with the Jessie James Sampler. The serving is good to share for around 3 persons and is composed of fish crispers, cheese crispers, and buffalo wings. The cheese crispers are the most fun to eat with melted and chewy mozarella cheese in crispy egg wrap. Reminds of cheese sticks that we loved to eat during highschool. The buffalo wings' spiciness comes at the end of the bite and is perfect with the garlic sauce. The fish crispers are just okay.

Texas Roadhouse Grill on's Foodie TV (Rib Eye Steak)

The rib eye steak as seen on the video is very tender and is best served in medium doneness. It is really very juicy and rich in marbling, read: melted fat that packs in a lot of flavor and melt in your mouth texture. It is great that the steak is served with seasoned vegetables for a healthier twist. This meal is great but would be really even greater if the steak got just a little bit thicker for die hard steak fans.

Famous Rib Eye Steak by Texas Roadhouse Grill

If you are having the rib eye steak, try to have it with their satisfying corn soup. The serving of the soups are just right and will give you ample tummy space for your steak. The corn soup has soft corn kernels and corn flakes that gives off the grainy yet creamy texture that is fun to have.

Shrimp and Salmon Skewer - suggested for seafood lovers who want their seafood soft and juicy on the inside

Texas Roadhouse Grill can be found in El Pueblo at the Ortigas Center or visit their first branch ever at Bonifacio Highstreet.