12 September 2009

Experience London in Manila at Whistlestop

Craving for a new dining and visual experience? Check out Whistlestop along Jupiter Street in Makati. The place is not only perfect for the usual tummy filling but for a cozy cum international dining experience. As if you are dining in old New York or London.

Morning Light Weight - corned beef, garlic rice, and sunny side up egg

The theme being built around an old train station in London, the place is styled with luggage of different fashion, old cameras, clocks, bottles, and even coats and hats. Surely, this is a nice dating place to get out of the usual casual diners. Yet, the food is surprisingly affordable at Whistlestop to fulfill your cravings, 24 hours - 7 days a week.

Here's what I tried, the Morning Light Weight because a 24/7 breakfast is my weakness:

This meal costs around Php 150++ and is reasonable enough to get one going as much as a comfort food. The egg is cooked perfectly sunny side up, with the yolk freshly oozing once you stick your spoon on it. The hash brown style corned beef is crispy but chewy inside - a nice serving of protein. The garlic rice is really garlicky and tempting enough to be devoured, but half a serving of it is better (well for us who want to look malnourished ;)

Beef Salpicao - another must eat

What's great about Whistlestop is the availability of authentic Green Tea, our Chinese friends recognized it right away. Authentic means effective, effective at melting away fat at that. It is the perfect finale for a fulfilling meal which you can also take with Whistlestop's delicious panna cotta or chocolatey cake.

Whistlestop's desserts are the ultimate happy ending

Did this article just make you hungry? Whistlestop is open 24/7 and is located along the chic 28 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Makati.